Why Student Ministry?

Reaching teenagers for Christ is an amazing calling to have on your life but at the same time its a calling not many people understand. I say this because questions such as, “When are you going to be a real pastor?” or “So…what do you actually do all day long?” come up rather frequently. For me, student ministry is a blessing that is full of mountain tops and valleys but at the end of the day is truly a blessing. So why student ministry…? Here are three reasons that first came to mind and I believe is a great start for this blog on student ministry.

1. It’s a passion. A simple principle to live by is this: you won’t pursue something you are not passionate about. If I did not love seeing students come to know Christ, love hearing their life stories, or love helping families glorify God, then when things got rough I would want to quit. Student ministry thrives and drives on relationships and my passion is to use relationships as a connecting point to introduce them to the greatest story of all- the story of God.

2. It’s a burden. When you work with teenagers for a living you see great needs. Broken homes, authority issues, students trying to find purpose/meaning in all the wrong areas, etc. Therefore the burden of student ministry becomes, “How can myself and a team of people help them see Christ in the midst of all the “stuff” in our world.” I love being a part of churches/people who see the great need to reach students and will give their time, effort, energy, and resources to see it happen.   

3. It’s a joy. I find great joy in seeing successful student ministry. Successful student ministry, in my opinion, is when you have students coming to know Christ, growing in a deeper knowledge of who God is, and wanting to reach others with the Gospel as a result. No matter if it is a good week, bad week, or an “okay” week, when these elements are taking place you can always find great joy.

My Student Ministry Passion… (In reference to reaching teenagers for Christ)- “Some people think I’m crazy for investing into the lives of students; some people think I will go crazy. I think the crazy thing is not investing into the lives of students.”