Ministry Storytelling Interview Questions

“Asking the right questions will get you a better story every time.” This was advice I received early on from a seasoned copywriter. From then on, I began to dedicate time to developing and writing better interview questions.

This is so crucial because I produce storytelling articles in my role as a copywriter. Sometimes, I get to travel and do it in person. Other times, I do interviews over the phone or even by email. The more I ask questions and interview people for stories, the better I get at asking the “right questions.”

I was asked the other day for a list of questions I tend to pull from for these interviews. I have random scraps of paper where I have written questions down and specific questions I ask for particular pieces. But this led me to compile some of the questions I ask more often or ones that have received better answers.

If you are a copywriter or a storyteller and you would find using these questions beneficial, please, by all means, use them. We are better together.

Please note: I’m a copywriter in the non-profit ministry sector. Therefore, these questions have bent towards a testimony and ministry calling premise.

My Storytelling Framework: Childhood, Conflict, Climax, Change, Calling


Where were you born and raised? What was life like in this town(s)?

What was life like in your family (siblings, activities, environment)?

What were some of your favorite childhood memories?

Were you raised with any spiritual beliefs in the home? How did these affect your life?


What was your life like before Christ?

What were the most important aspects of your life before accepting Christ?

How would you have defined happiness at this point in your life?


What was your breaking point…what caused you to realize your need for a Savior?

Describe how and when Jesus became your Lord and Savior.

Who was instrumental in leading you to Christ?

Since becoming a believer, who has been instrumental in your maturity as a Christ-follower?


What have you seen God do in your heart and life since becoming a believer?

How has becoming a believer changed your relationships?

How has becoming a believer redirected your passions?


What gets you out of bed in the morning?

What experiences have been impactful to you as a believer?

What might be some ways you see God using you to advance His Kingdom?

What is your life verse(s)?