Ministry Resources

Below you will find various resources from discipleship resources for all ages, Bible study leader resources, student ministry resources, and evangelism resources. My prayer is that whether you lead a small group, serve as a ministry leader, or are simply looking to grow in your faith, you will find the resources below helpful. Click on the highlighted words to download.

Discipleship Resources

Why Small Groups Matter is a short theological overview of why being connected in GroupLife is so vital in the life of a Christ follower.

Quiet Time 101 gives a basic understanding of what a quiet time is, what to bring to a quiet time, and suggestions for what to do in your quiet time.

Quiet Time Template is a tool for students and adults to use during their quiet time. It walks through introductory steps and questions to wrestle with while walking through a passage of Scripture. Click HERE for a Bible insert version.

The Bible 101 is a tool that gives an overview of what the Bible is, how it is aligned, translations of the Bible, and a conservative evangelical statement on the Bible.

Loving Jesus More Than Anything Else is a discipleship tool to help a Christ follower evaluate if Jesus is their ultimate priority.

Following Jesus Worksheet is a discipleship tool to help a Christ follower practically evaluate if they have a genuine walk with Jesus.

Colossians Bible Reading Plan is a 30 Day Bible Reading/Memory Verse Plan for the book of Colossians.

James Bible Reading Plan is a 60 Day Bible Reading/Memory Verse Plan for the book of James.

Christian Living Resources

Making God-Honoring Decisions is a tool to help give Christ followers a biblical framework to work through when making day to day decisions and also big life decisions.

Bible Study Leader Resources

Writing Bible Study Lessons is a tool for Bible study leaders of any age group. The purpose is to help Bible study leaders that are creating a Bible study from scratch as they pray through, prepare, and plan a lesson to teach to their small group.

Bible Study Lesson Template gives Bible study leaders a template to use that goes along with the Writing Bible Study Lessons tool.

Student Ministry Evangelism Resources

Four Elements of the Gospel Presentation for Students gives middle school and high school students a conversation tool when sharing the Gospel with others.

Resources for Student Ministry Pastors and Leaders

Student Profile Card is a tool for student ministry small group leaders to help capture basic information about a student, their family, and spiritual walk.

Student Ministry Registration Card is a tool to help student ministry leaders capture very basic information on first time guests.

Student Ministry Event Registration List is a tool to help student ministry leaders keep track of an event registration.

Student Ministry Teaching Calendar is a tool for student pastors and student ministry communicators to assist in keeping track of sermon series and messages.

Students and Gospel Conversations is a Gospel conversation tool for ministry leaders and small group leaders that work with middle school and high school students. This will help them in determining where students are spiritually with salvation and baptism. Click HERE for a printable version to place in your Bible.

Q&A with Graduating Seniors is a tool for student pastors and leaders to use when interviewing high school seniors in front of their peers about their student ministry experience and what God taught them in this season.

Family Ministry Resources

Praying Together as a Family is a resource for families that gives a brief overview of what prayer is, the purpose behind prayer, and some practical ways to pray together as a family.