About Daniel

I grew up in a home with Christian parents that loved the LORD and instilled in me a love for the Church, the Bible, and Kingdom work. Growing up my mom oversaw paid childcare workers and my dad served as a deacon at our local SBC church. My brothers and I were involved in everything at our church- RA’s, children’s choirs, VBS, youth camp, retreats, mission trips, and so on. I don’t ever remember a time where the church was not influential in my life. Still to this day, I’m eternally grateful for this fact.

As great as these aspects were in my life, none of them made me a Christian. Without question, the most important aspect of my life is that I was rescued by Christ in the summer of 1991 when I was just 6 years old. This is when I realized that their was a difference in knowing about Jesus and knowing Jesus. I didn’t have all the answers to faith questions, couldn’t tell you what all the verses in the book of Revelation meant, or even tell you 15 Bible verses by heart, but what I did know was I needed Jesus. I knew I was a sinner and that only Jesus could be my Savior. That by His death and resurrection, by His grace through faith alone, I could be made new. I remember my conversion experience like it was yesterday; my mom ended it by telling me, “Daniel, this is most important decision that you will ever make in your entire life.” Without question, this is when I made this one time, forever secured decision to follow Jesus. Since then I have made many good decisions and many bad decisions. I have had days of great faith and days of great doubt and fear. I’ve had questions, uncertainty, and even a lack of faith at times but, never have I ever doubted that Jesus loves me and if I had a personal relationship with Him. Jesus is my LORD and Savior and I desire to make Him famous in all I say and do.

I made another important decision in my life when my best friend, Emily, became my bride in summer of 2007. She is my life-long best friend, ministry partner, and my soul mate. I love her with all my heart and pray I always lead her well. God has blessed us with two children. Madelyn was born on March 6, 2014 and Caleb was born on April 7, 2017.

My heart breaks for the world that we live in because of its very apparent love for things that won’t last. My life-calling is to engage the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to equip disciples to love and pursue Jesus more than anything else. After twelve years as an associate pastor, I now serve in full time ministry as a copywriter with The Gideons International in Nashville, TN.

Thank again for visiting my blog!