Six Imperatives for the Christ Following College Student

When a Christ follower enters the secular college campus there are so many philosophies, theories, and concepts they are bombarded with almost immediately. Sadly, most theories and philosophies in college don’t point to Jesus as Savior and Lord. So what advice would I give a Christ following freshmen entering the college campus? The following are six imperatives I would employ students to know, live out, and pursue…

1. Biblical Worldview: Following the TRUTH and being able to recognize false teaching. John 8:31-32

2. Biblical Identity: Who I am in Christ. Galatians 2:20

3. Authentic Community: Faithfully attending a local church in which you can connect, worship, mature, and fellowship. Acts 2:46-47

4. Serving Opportunities: The Christian life is meant to be lived out not just talked about. 1 Peter 4:10

5. Evangelistic Outreach: Sharing your faith story with others. Romans 10:1

6. Leadership Development: Learning and pursuing leadership principles for life, faith, and environment. Joshua 1:7