Madelyn Kate Kinkade

Emily and I are now parents!!! On March 6, 2014 we welcomed Madelyn Kate Kinkade into the world! Each and everyday is a learning experience as we find out things that work, things that don’t work, a feeding schedule, and when to sleep. Oh sleep, that has forever changed. 🙂

At the end of the day, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We are praying three specific prayers over Madelyn’s life as we raise her to love Jesus more than she loves anything else.

  • Our first prayer is that her lips would proclaim the glory of God to the nations.
  • Our second prayer is that her hands would be about the work of the LORD.
  • Our third prayer is that her feet would walk in truth.

As a pastor leading a local church student ministry, the partnership between parents and the local church is absolutely vital. My goal and passion is to have parents informed, involved, and influential in our ministry. I encourage parents to pray intentionally for each one of their children. Here are some suggestions I give parents in praying for and with their kids.

  • Pray Scripture over them. Take verses read in a quiet time and use them as your starting point.
  • Thank God for the blessing that they are. Even in the struggles, our children are very much a gift from God.
  • Give their struggles to the LORD. Ask God to give wisdom and discernment as you walk through it as a family.

The key is for parents to know they are not in this alone. We now, more than ever, know how hard it is to balance parenthood with marriage, jobs, and life in general. The local church must partner with parents and the family unit. The job of a student ministry is not to replace parents as the main disciple maker of their kids but rather to come along side parents and assist them in raising spiritual champions for Christ!