A Suggested Prayer Calendar for Small Group Leaders

People tend to make prayer either a “Christmas wish list” or “an emergency hotline.” God intends prayer to be so much more than this. Is it okay to seek God in something? Sure. Is it alright to ask God to be with someone with a physical, emotional, or spiritual need? Sure. But what is the ultimate purpose behind praying? It is to connect with the Heavenly Father in worship, confession, and adoration.

The following is a suggested weekly prayer calendar for small group leaders, point people, and church leaders.

Sunday: Church Leadership

Ministry is rewarding yet challenging at the same time. Wake up early on Sunday morning and spend dedicated time praying for a church staff member and their area of ministry. Pray for their family and for God to be the center of their home and lives.

Monday: Family

Pray for one member of your family/extended family every Monday. If they are lost, pray the Holy Spirit will grip their heart. If they are believers, pray they would continue to grow in their faith and help equip other disciples.

Tuesday: Workplace

Pray for one person at your workplace. Maybe it’s someone in leadership who is a decision-maker. Perhaps it’s someone who is struggling in life right now. It could be someone you consider a close friend, not just a co-worker. If you are retired, think about someone you may still have contact with or a person God has laid on your heart even after leaving the workplace.

Wednesday: Missions Efforts

God has blessed the local church with many great missions opportunities. Pick one from your local congregation and pray for them today. Some suggestions include a food pantry ministry (pray for the families God allows us to minister to), a church planter and their family, a missionary and their family, a current team from your church heading on a missions experience, or special seasonal efforts like Operation Christmas Child.

Thursday: Your Small Group

You are not in your role as a small group leader by accident. God has placed you in a leadership role—steward this responsibility well. Spend time on Thursday on specific needs you know about in your small group. Thank God for the ways He is revealing Himself.

Friday: Another Small Group/Leader

We are all in this together. Small groups, at their core, are about building disciples. Pray for another small group in our church and their small group leaders. Pray God would do a good work in their time together.

Saturday: Salvation and Next Steps

Churches are filled with people who are searching for answers. Before you go to bed on Saturday evening, spend a few moments praying for the people coming to church the following day. Pray especially for the people who don’t know Jesus as Lord and Savior. In addition, pray God would move, and hearts would be stirred towards Him.